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Classique Consignment is a local consignment shop that offers a website with store information but not an e-commerce option. So, I was tasked to create an online store where users could browse and shop for the items of their choosing.

I was tasked to create an e-commerce feature to a local consignment shop store, allowing the users to experience a similar experience to an onsite consignment experience.


e-commerce, card sorting, prototype, wireframe, research, affinity mapping, interviews, low-fi, consignment, online store



Research Process


User Interviews

I interviewed 5 users in different demographics and synthesized the information of those interviews.


Affinity Map

After synthesizing the information gathered in the interviews, I created an affinity map that gave me great insight into consignment shopping and expectations.


Open Card Sorting

I printed 100 pictures of products that were sold in the store and added size and brand, since those are categories gathered from the interviews that are important for consignment shopping. I had four users gather them into categories and name those.

Through the interviews, I have learned that consignment store shoppers appreciate having the ability to hold, smell, touch, and try on items; an element that would be missing in an online world. So, I ideated about different possibilities for a solution for this.

Research Outcomes

Design Process


Ideation & Iteration

I spent some time trying to come with the best solution possible for a real live experience, consignment shopping. Most users like the ability to go in and feel the product.

I designed an e-commerce website where the user can create a profile and add size and brand preferences that will allow the store to notify its customers of any incoming products. Also, the user has the option of having it delivered to their home or pick it up at the store. If picked up at the store, the user would have the ability to touch the item and choose to purchase it, or not.

Click here for the Axure Low Fidelity prototype.

Design Outcomes

Final Design


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