The Comoros Islands

I was sent as a humanitarian worker with a group of teammates to establish an aid program in Comoros. I arrived in a country where three languages were spoken, none of them were English. I attended language school from 8am to 12:30pm and took culture walks from 1pm to 5pm, every day.

Keywords: empathy, ethnographical research, interviews, synthesis, design, linguistic, humanitarian aid, ideation, design studio, Figma

We identified individuals who spoke English and could serve as users and help us recruit other users.
We spent hours everyday walking through neighborhoods and interviewing individuals.
Design Studio
I led some of the weekly meetings our team had to synthesize and identify the need of that community. We would then create a variety of lesson plans.
We went on a retreat as a team and ideated a curriculum with which we used to start an English school.
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I carried on research to investigate the need of the people during the week. On Thursdays, we met as a team and shared our findings and ideated possible concepts of what the work would be. After considering the possible work that was needed, from digging wells to medical clinics, we designed a curriculum for an English as a Second Language school.

Research Outcomes

Small Group Iteration
I ran small group classes to test the curriculum within smaller settings.
We also tested the curriculum in other villages and schools to be sure that the material was relevant.
Final Product
Le Goba ("the gate") is an English school with the intent to teach English and establish professionals.
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